Florida Public Records

Your statutory right to obtain public records and informationFlorida public records is an online repository for publicly available information.

This website also provides systematic guidelines on official tools for finding public records at the state and municipal levels. The common public records that most people look for in Florida include:

Court records

Divorce records

Marriage records

Birth records

Death records

UCC Filing records

Bankruptcy records

Criminal Records

Inmate Records

So, if you need to perform a statewide background check on someone, you can find the information and official resources to achieve that goal on this website. The same goes for court records, vital records, and any document that a government agency created in the line of official duties. 

Generally, the record custodian of such documents must acquiesce to your request under the Florida Public Records Law. However, certain records may prove tricky to get because they are under seal or contain sensitive information. But you can still get these records if you can get the judiciary to grant you access. 

Furthermore, finding a public record at the state level is quite different from municipal records. Counties, and even public agencies in a county, have varying protocols for how interested persons may request and obtain public records. If you seek specific records such as property records or information on someone in the county jail, we have put together clear instructions on how to do just that. 

We have put together the most comprehensive resources for finding public records from official custodians and independent websites. There are fees to pay, letters to write, and offices to visit. Or you can just search online. 

Learn how and where to perform a search on Florida Public Records.

Florida Public Records

Comprehensive Public Court Records of Florida Counties