Okaloosa County Public Records

Public policy and the requirements of due process, checks and balances, and the general openness of government had made the documents that are part of an archive known as the Okaloosa County Public Records available to the public at all times. The records contained within these archives are, more often than not, the only credible documents that could be used in official transactions, and these transactions do not necessarily mean transactions with the government. Often, these documents are of great use to the public individual who wishes to do the most relatively simplest of things, such as to purchase a parcel of land or to get married.

The information contained within these records range from the names of the parties involved to the testimonies and evidences that they had presented to support their sides. More often than not, these records would also contain transcripts and minutes of proceedings as well as the decision reached either by the parties themselves or by a third person or persons. This means that the records could be used a precedent not only in legal processes, but also in everyday life.

By express command of statute, these records are available at all times regardless of the reason that they are being asked for. The official custodian of these documents, the clerk of courts, has no valid legal basis whenever the clerk would refuse anyone access to the records, unless, of course, said person who wishes to look the records had not satisfactorily complied with the relatively easy prescribed proper procedure of requesting access to the archives.

The relatively easy prescribed proper procedure for obtaining access to the archives begin with the searcher making a personal request at the Office of the Clerk of Courts. To be sure, it is possible for the searcher to just send a letter via the post or via email, but because these would require the letter to actually reach the clerk before he could reply, this may not be the best option. In addition, because of the sheer work load of the clerk, it may take some time before the clerk could reply.

Once the archives had been opened, the searcher could do the actual search, but because the volumes of records available, perhaps it would be best to request assistance from the clerk who, presumably, knows the filling system better. Either way, once the records had been located, the searcher could request for a copy of the records. Only the copy could be taken out of the archives, and this copy would be made after paying the required one dollar copying fee. If the searcher so desires, he could have the copy certified for an additional two dollars per document.
Another option to obtain records would be to use online resources. The sheer volume of documents and record in the office of the clerk of courts had made this a better option because not only are these online databases free to use, they provide their information relatively faster. Of course, the clerk of courts has their own online database, but the same is still incomplete because of the volume of records that had to be transcribed. Instead, it is better to use other online resources, many of which are also connected with other databases that provide more information that may be of use to the searcher.

Okaloosa County Court Records Public Access

The procedure to obtain records from the database of the clerk of court is provided below

  • Visit the Search Page of the clerk of courts
  • Input the information requested. Note that not all blanks are required to be filled.
  • A list of results should be made available, and from this list, locate the one that you wish to see.
  • Click on the same.
  • The information should now be available for your use.

Okaloosa County Public Records Free Access

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