Dixie County Public Records

Of all the documents and records that are classified as part of the collection of documents known as the Dixie County Public Records, perhaps nothing is more widely searched than those documents that are known as court records. This is because court records are usually the most useful of the records that are kept within the archives. These records contain not only the barest specifics of a case such as the name of the parties or the type of the case that they are involved in, but also the minutes of the trial, the evidences presented by both parties and, more often than not, the reason for the final decision of the case. These made court records valuable in the field of law as they are used by all who practice law including the justices of the appellate courts who use them to review cases, and both lawyers and law students who seek precedent for their cases.

In fact, court records are so important to the public interest that no less than a law had recognized this. Under Florida statute, court records are to be considered as public records and always available to the public no matter the circumstance. This meant that the official custodian of court records, designated by the same Florida statute as the clerk of court, could not withhold the records from anyone who wishes to have a look into these records.
As the official custodian of the records, the clerk of court has both the duty and the responsibility to keep and secure the records as well as to make them available upon the request of a person. This made the office of the clerk of court as the first place that a person who desires a copy of a court record would visit.

For those who wish to obtain a certified copy of a court record, the first step would be to head over to the office of the clerk of court. Once there, put in a request to look into the records. Note that while anyone could look into the records, a certain schedule must be followed, so for those who actually want to look into the records, first, set an appointment and return on the designated day. For those who actually just want to look into a particular record, it is suggested that they simply leave the specifics of the particular record with the clerk and return on another designated day when the clerk could present the same.

Once the records had been located, the same could not actually be taken out from the archives of the clerk. The clerk has been given the responsibility of securing them because they are the original records, but the same clerk could make a copy of the record for a fee of, usually, a dollar per page. The same records could then be certified by the clerk for two dollars per document.

For those who wish to look into the records right away, there is another option, and this is to use an online resource. The Dixie County Clerk of Court operates and maintains a specialized search database online, but the same is incomplete as the office try to update their database. Instead, it may be more efficient to use other online search databases that are everywhere in the World Wide Web. Often, these databases are more efficient because not only do they not charge the user, they also present more information than requested, and because they are internet searches, note that there is typically no need for the searcher to leave the comforts of their own home, or rooms for that matter, in order to conduct the search.

Dixie County Court Public Records Access

To use the official search database operated and maintained by the Dixie County Clerk of Court, follow the following procedure

  • Visit the Search Page of the database
  • At the Search Page, input the information requested on the blank pages. Note that only those in the red are considered required information.
  • The results page should show you a number of entries, locate the one that you want.
  • Click on the box before the title of the case, then click ‘View Details’ at the bottom of the page.
  • The specifics of the case should now be displayed.

Dixie County Public Records Free Access

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