Seminole County Public Records

A number of transactions and proceedings occur every single day. Often, these transactions are private and would not require the intervention of the government, but for those relatively few that do require the intervention and even the participation of the government, there must be records of the same. Those records are kept within a collection that is known as the Seminole County Public Records. The records contained within this collection are so important that they must be made available to the public regardless of the reason that they are going to be asked for and regardless of the circumstance behind the request.

Amongst the records kept within this collection are records of trials and court proceedings. All of the records kept within the collection have the name of the party that intiated the proceeding. Sometimes, the name of the other party is unknown, but most of the time, the same is also given. The combination of the name gives rise to the title of the case and these cases are often denominated as party one versus party two. These records contain as well the type of proceeding or transaction that the documents refer to, as well as the relevant proceedings that had been undertaken relative to the case. If this was a record of a trial or a hearing, it would also typically contain the reason why the case was disposed of the way that it was, if the case was already disposed of.

As was mentioned before, anyone could access the archives where these records are kept. No less than a law had required the official custodian of these documents to have them available at all times. The same law identifies the clerk of courts as the official custodian of the records and as such, the clerk could not validly refuse any person access to the archives.

That being said, however, there are a number of procedures that a person who wishes to use the archives must first comply with. This is because these records must also be secured by the clerk, but more importantly, the procedures are mandated for an orderly access to the archives. The procedures are relatively easy to follow and would start with submitting a request to the clerk. There are a number of methods that one could use in order to request permission, but the most efficient would probably be to head over to the office and make a personal request. This is because the records would typically be made available at the same day that the request is made.
Now, once the archives had been opened, the searcher may make the search himself or he may ask a clerk to do it for him. The second is suggested given that the clerk is presumably more familiar with the filling system and could locate the records faster. Once the records had been located, a copy could be made upon request and after paying the required copying fee which is usually one dollar per page. For official purposes, the documents have to be certified and only the clerk of court could do that for an additional two dollars per document that would be certified.

For those who require the records faster but would not require them for an official purpose, there is another option, and that is the option of doing the search online. There are a number of online databases that do provide the same unformation as the ones that could be located at the clerk of court, but they are faster because they are internet searches. In addition, they are also mostly free to use and because they are internet searches, they do not require the person who is making the search to leave their homes.

Seminole County Court Records Public Access

The procedure to obtain information from the clerk of court is provided below

  • Visit the Search Page of the office of the clerk of court database.
  • At the blanks spaces provided, input the required information. Note that not all blanks are required to be filled.
  • At the results page, locate the file that you wish to see.
  • Click on the ‘View’ hyperlink to the left side of the title of the record.
  • The records should now be available

Seminole County Public Records Free Access

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