Baker County Public Records

Records are kept for practical reasons. They often are considered by judicial authorities as the best evidence when it comes to proving that something had happened. Baker County Public Court Records are available to the public for this reason. Aside from the fact that these records are often used by appellate courts in the course of the appellate process, these records could also be used by other people in the course of everyday life, such as an employment requirement to show a glimpse into the background of the prospective employee.

Generally, these records are considered to be of public record, and because of this designation, they are generally considered to be available to the public. Currently, there is no statutory provision that would allow a specific record to be kept from the public, regardless of the circumstances of that record or anything else. As the official keeper of the records, public court records are available with the Office of the Clerk of Court.

A person who desires to obtain or to look at a copy of a court record should first proceed to the office of the clerk of court. In Baker County, Florida, the office of the clerk of court is located in Macclenny. There are two methods that a person has to follow in order to secure a copy or to look into the records of the clerk of court. It must, however, be first stressed that the Office of the Clerk of Court has no right to deny anyone the right to look into the records as these records are considered to be of public records. This is true even if the person who is requesting the same is not a resident of Baker County.

The first step in obtaining a copy of the court record would be to actually go to the office of the clerk of court. As was said before, the office is located in the city of Macclenny. The person who wishes to look into the records must make the personal request and once this is done, the clerk or any of the assistants would allow the person to look into the records himself or herself or, if desired by the searcher, would assist in the search. It must be noted that the search may take some time given the volume of the records. Once the records that are being asked for had been located, the searcher may request for a copy and upon payment of the requisite fee, which, in most cases, is one dollar per page, the clerk would make a copy that would be given to the searcher.

The second step is easier given that the person has no need to actually go to the office of the clerk of court. The office of the clerk of court operates and maintains an online database where they have stored copies of their records. Although the goal is that all records kept by the clerk of court would be in the same database, this is not yet true given the sheer volume of records so it is possible that the records that are being asked for would not be here. Nevertheless, if the records desired are here, one simply has to go to the website of the database and input the necessary parameters. Note that not all the blank spaces are required to be filled. Note as well that newly filled cases would take at least three business days before becoming available in the database.

A more efficient search could be done using other websites over the net. The World Wide Web plays hosts to a number of online search database and a few of these databases do provide court records. Generally, a search using these online resources is more efficient because they provide more information than that requested. In addition, these online resources typically do not charge fees for the use of their databases, are near instantaneous with their results, and because they are internet searches, does not require the searcher to actually go to the office of the clerk and fall in line.

Baker County Court Records Public Access

The procedure to obtain court records in Baker County using the online database of the office of the clerk of court is as follows.

  • Proceed to the homepage of the office of the clerk of court database.
  • Input the required information.
  • Click ‘Search Records’
  • Note that it is possible that there may be multiple search returns. In such a case, you would have to check the returns until you find the one you are searching for.

Baker County Public Records Free Access

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