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Often the only way to be able to ensure that something had happened is to check the records for that event. This is one of the reasons why records are of paramount importance in the everyday life of a person. The records contained within the archives known as the Monroe County Public Records are some of the most important documents and records, and for reasons of public policy, these records are considered to be available to the public at all times.

Not all records are considered to be so important that they are to be made available to the public at all times. Those that are part of the archives, however, became so because of the information contained within them. This information is not limited to the simple name of the person, the type of record that is being perused, and the outcome of the proceedings that gave birth to the record in the first place. Often, these records also contain the reasons of the parties in resorting to the proceedings that are described within the four corners of the paper that is the record. This made the records important during the appellate proceedings and for background checks not only of people, but sometimes, of property as well, given that they are former, or even current, subjects of litigation.

The importance of public records in the everyday lives of people are best illustrated by the fact that no less than a law had required that they be made available to the public at all times and regardless of the circumstance that they are asked for. The official custodian of these documents, the clerk of courts, could not refuse anyone access to the archives where the records are stored, provided, however, that those who can gain access to the records would follow the procedures prescribed by the office in connection with their other mandate to secure the records.

The procedure to obtain records from the office of the clerk of courts is relatively straightforward and easy. Given that the records are actually located in the office and because they could not be taken out of said office for any reason, it is suggested that the person who wishes to look into the records should make his request at the office. Granted, there are other methods of gaining permission, but the most efficient would probably be to make a personal request at the office. Once permission had been granted, the person could do the search, but because of the sheer volume of record available, it is perhaps better if the actual search is left in the hands of one of the clerks, presumably, this would be faster.

Once the records are located, note that they could not be taken out of the archives, in some cases, they could not even be taken out of the clear book. Bear in mind that some of these records are very old and could easily be destroyed. The clerk has the duty to preserve them for future generations. A copy, however, could be made upon request and upon payment of the required fee which is usually one dollar per page. Once the copies had been made, the same could be certified by the clerk for an additional two dollars per document.

It is possible to just obtain record online. Faster and more efficient, this search would require only an internet connection, a computer, and, in some cases, a printer. There are a number of online resources that one could use in searching for information, and often, these would provide more information than just those that were requested for given the nature of interconnectivity. In addition, these searches are faster, and would not require the person to actually leave their homes in order to conduct.

Monroe County Court Records Public Access

The procedure to obtain information from the online database of the clerk of courts is provided below

  • Head over to the Welcome Page of the office of the clerk database.
  • Select the type of documents or records that you wish to search for from the choices and click on the same.
  • Fill in the blanks for the required information. Note that not all blanks are required to be filled.
  • At the results page, locate the file that you wish to peruse and click on the same.
  • A new window should open with the specifics of the case.
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Monroe County Public Records Free Access

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