Gadsden County Public Records

The long judicial process, and the fact that not all people who would be at the end of the life of a case would necessarily be present when it began, had made court records a necessity. This necessity was what prompted legal framers into classifying court records as belonging to a class of documents that are collectively known as Gadsden County Public Records.

Consider a court case that had now reached the court, though court records began earlier than that, it had begun when the case was first filed by the plaintiff or the complainant as the case may be. Court records would include the name of the parties and the type of case involving these parties, but court records would also contain the name of the principal counsels, the names of witnesses who would be taking part in the trial and the hearing, and the evidence of both parties. As hearing commences, the court stenographer would be taking down notes for review, and these notes would be with the records as well. When the trial ends, the reason that the case was disposed of the way that it was disposed would also be with the court records. This is what made court records so important.

No less than Florida statute had considered these documents to be so important. The same statute had commanded the clerk of court to act as the official custodian of the same, charging them with keeping, maintaining, and securing the court records. At the same time, it also commanded the clerk to make these records available at all times, thus, the clerk or any of his subordinates could not refuse access to anyone, for whatever reason, who wishes to look into the records.

To obtain a record from the office of the clerk of court, the person who desires the same would have to personally request the clerk for the same. Note once more that the clerk could not deny anyone access into the records, and as such, the person who wishes to look into the records may actually look into the record and do the search himself, but if there is a specific record in the mind of the person, it is advised that he leave the specifics of these record with the clerk so that the clerk could do the search as this would be more efficient.

The sheer number of records would make personally searching the records time consuming, and it is submitted that even those working for the clerk would have a hard time looking for the records, but once the records had been located, the same would be available for viewing of the person who requested for them, though it must be noted that these official original records could not actually be taken out of the archives. Instead, a copy could be made upon request and upon payment of the requisite one dollar per page fee. Once the copy had been made, the same could be certified for fee of two dollars per document.

Of course, the searcher could take to the internet to look for a copy of a court record. Although the same is not certified as only the clerk could do that, a search over the World Wide Web would be more efficient. This is because online databases typically provide more information than the ones available at the archives of the clerk of court. In addition, they are free to use and would not charge for making copies as well as near instant with their results. Of course, after the document had been printed, the same could be certified by the clerk as well.

Gadsden County Court Public Records Access

To obtain a certified copy of a court record from the Office of the Clerk of Court of Gadsden County, follow the following procedure

  • Head over to the Office of the Clerk of Court
  • Submit a formal request to look into the records.
  • Either look into the records yourself once they are made available or leave the specifics of the case that you wish to view with the clerk.
  • Once the records are located, peruse the same.
  • After paying the requisite one dollar per page fee, have a copy made.
  • Once completed, have the copy certified by the clerk for two dollars per document.

Gadsden County Public Records Free Access

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