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Public records are documents that are considered so important that they have to be made available to the public at all times. These documents are primarily meant to inform people, but at the same time, they are also sources of information that could be used as evidence and as proof that something had happened, and amongst this collection of records that is collectively known as Gilchrist County Public Records, there is no type of public record that is more important than those records that are known as court records.

Court records are the records of a case. They begin not when the case goes to trial, but rather, when the case was first brought forward. The moment that a plaintiff or a complainant files his initiatory papers, court records began, and it is for this reason that court records are always complete and could be relied on not only during the course of the trial proper itself, but also during the time after the trial, such as when the winning party wants to enforce the decision of the court or during the appellate process.

This is because court records contain not only the basic specifics of a case like the name of the parties and the type of case involve, but also the evidences presented by both parties, the names of counsel, the events that had happened during the trial, the minutes of the trial itself, and, if the case was already disposed of, the reason that it was disposed of the way that it was.

Court records are so important that a statute had mandated that they be made available at all times to all people regardless of the circumstance. The same mandate had placed this burden upon the shoulders of the clerk of court. It is for this reason that the clerk, or any subordinates, could not refuse access to the collection of documents known as court records.

To obtain a certified copy of a court record from the office of the clerk of court of Gilchrist County, the person who desires to obtain the copy must personally make the request at the office of the clerk in Trenton, Florida. Note that while the clerk could not validly deny anyone the right to look into the records, if there is a specific record that the person wants to see, it is advised to just leave the specifics of the record with the clerk so that they could do the search themselves as this would typically be faster.

Once the record had been located, note that it could not be taken out of the archives because these are the official records and the clerk is mandated to secure the same. Instead, a copy of the record could be requested to be made and after payment of the required fee, which is usually one dollar per page, a copy would be made. The same could be certified for two dollars per document.

For those, however, who have neither the time nor the inclination to actually go to the office of the clerk of court, there is antoher option. This option would be to use online resources, in the form of specialized search databases online, to look for the records. These specialized database, which are practically everywhere in the World Wide Web, are easier to use and because they are done over the wire, there is actually no need to leave the house in order to use them. In addition, they are mostly free to use and provide more information than the archives of the clerk of court because these databases are often linked to other databases in other states or counties.

Gilchrist County Court Public Records Access

To order for a certified court record from the Florida state depository of official records, follow the following instructions.

  • Visit the Official Records Index Page
  • Click ‘Search Now’
  • Fill in the requested information. Note that not all the blanks are required to be filled, but the more blanks are filled, the more accurate the search would be.
  • On the results page, locate the record that you wish to view, click on the box before the title of the case, then click ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page.
  • At the ‘Review Order’ Page, review your order. If you are satisfied, click ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your billing information, then click ‘Continue’
  • Confirm your order.
  • Your records should arrive within three to five business days.

Gilchrist County Public Records Free Access

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