Nassau County Public Records

Official records are always the best way to prove that something had happened. In fact, the very purpose of records is to jot down the notes related to the event for posterity. For this reason, records are often always available to the public, though it is undeniable that there are some records that, for one reason or another, have to be kept secret. For the documents that are part of a cache known as the Nassau County Public Records, however, this is not the case. The records that form part of this collection are available to the public at all times.

To understand the importance of records, one must look at the contents of the same. These official records contain not only the names of the parties, and the proceedings or events that the records are a reference to, but also the proceedings itself through the inclusion of the minutes of the event. Oftentimes, these records also contain the reasons why the parties to the event had resorted to the proceedings, through the evidences and testimonies of both parties.

The records are available to the public at all times. Although there is a law that mandated the same, the said law was founded upon public policy and as a form of checks and balances to ensure the smooth running of government. It is for this reason that the official custodian of these records, the clerk of courts, could not refuse anyone access to the records, but because the clerk is also tasked with securing the records, he is empowered to prescribe procedures that must be followed before one could access the archives.

There are a number of methods that a searcher may resort to in order to request access to the records, but the more efficient method would be to visit the office of the clerk. This is because the archives would be made available at the same day that the request is made, so it is better for the searcher to actually be there already. The other methods, such as mail or via email, would require the clerk to respond, and this may take some time. Once the archives are opened, the searcher may do the actual search, but for a more efficient search, the searcher could ask for the assistance of the clerk.

Once the records had been located, the searcher could request for a copy of the same. Note that only copies could actually be taken out of the archives, the originals are kept for posterity and in case someone else may need them in the future. The copy of the records typically costs one dollar per page, unless there is an oversized page, in which case, the same would be five dollars. Once the records had been copied, the copies would be certified by the clerk for an additional two dollars per document.

Of course, a search for public records could also be done over the net. There are an undetermined number of online database that proliferate the World Wide Web. Often, these databases are easier to use and locate. Also, they are mostly free to use and because they are done over the wire, the searcher need not actually leave their home, requiring only a computer, an internet connection, and, in most cases, a printer. Due to the nature of interconnectivity, most of these online databases are also connected to other databases that provide other types of information that may be of use to the searcher.

Nassau County Court Records Public Access

The procedure to obtain records from the database of the Clerk of Courts is given below

  • Visit the Search Page of the Clerk of Courts
  • Input the required information at the blanks provided. Note that not all blanks are required to be filled.
  • Click the ‘Search’ Button at the bottom of the page.
  • A list of available records should be made available at the bottom of the page
  • From this list, locate the file that you wish to see and click on the same.
  • The specifics should now be available.

Nassau County Public Records Free Access

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