Levy County Public Records

The most important reason why the collection of records known as Levy County Public Records exists is because the records contained therein are important not only to the government but also to the people. Of course, this is not the only reason why the people who keep these records bothered to keep them in the first place. Aside from the fact that the law require that these records be kept, there are other practical considerations that must be taken into account, foremost of which is the fact that these records are of great importance and assistance not only for lawyers and other law practitioners, but also for everyday people. These records serve as great resources in background checks and also as evidences that something had happened.

The importance of public records is best highlighted by the fact that the law requires the same to be available at all times to the public. This implied admission of the law ensured that the records can be viewed at any time by a person without taking into consideration the reason why said particular persons wants to view the record in the first place. At the same time, however, the same law commanded the official custodian of the official records to secure the records and ensure that they are always available. For this reason, the official custodian, the clerk of court, has the power to prescribe rules that must be followed in order to access the archives where the original copies of these records are kept.

As the official custodian of court records, the clerk of courts is the first person that a searcher should visit when it comes to court records. The clerk of courts is the only person in the county that could certify the authenticity of a particular record because the clerk of courts is the person who has official, and actual, custody of the original copies of these records.

In order to gain access to the archives of the clerk of courts of Levy County, one must actually first show up at the office of the clerk and make the personal request. Although other forms of asking request for access are available, foremost of which is sending a letter via electronic mail, personal appearance is suggested because the records could be made available to the searcher at the same day that he made the request. Note that while the searcher could do the actual looking into the records, the same is not suggested when there is a specific record in mind of the searcher. Instead, the clerk suggests that the specifics of that particular record be given to them so they could do the search for the records themselves. As the group of people who presumably knows their filing system the best, they should be able to locate the records faster.

Either way, once the records are located, the searcher is free to look into them, but not to take them out of the archives. Again, note that the clerk of courts is the official custodian and has been tasked with securing the records. A copy, however, could be made after making the request and paying the required copying fee which is one dollar per page usually. The copy would then be certified for an additional fee of two dollars per document.

Another option would be to conduct the search using the World Wide Web. There are numerous online databases that are easy to locate over the internet, and most of them are also free to use. In addition to the fact that they are easier to use, because of the nature of interconnectivity, they usually provide more information than the ones available in the office of the clerk of courts. The fact that they are done over the wire also helps because aside from the fact that the searcher need not leave the comforts of their own homes, the searches are also faster and do not require the searcher to fall in line.

Levy County Court Records Public Access

The procedure to obtain records from the Clerk of Court of Levy County is as follows

  • Visit the Search Page of the database of the Clerk of Courts.
  • Input the necessary information on the blanks provided. Note that not all blanks are required to be filled, but the more blanks filled, the more accurate the search would be.
  • The results would be displayed at the bottom of the page. From the results shown, locate the case that you wish to see and click on the title of the same.
  • The specifics of the case should now be available.

Levy County Public Records Free Access

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