Palm Beach County Public Records

Palm Beach County is one of the three metropolitan counties that make up the Miami area. It is also the richest county in Florida. The county government and departments maintain publicly available records relating to every entity within Palm Beach. Generally, public records are created or received in the conduct of an activity or event. More than this, public records provide evidence and information about those activities, the persons involved, and the outcome of that activity. 

Following the Florida Public Records Law, public agencies in Palm Beach adopt a records policy on making information available to interested persons. A records policy is a statement describing the availability of records and limitations on access. More importantly, it also outlines the procedure for obtaining records of interest from the designated custodian and the cost of reproducing the documents therein. These are your main concerns as an intending requester of public records. 

Court records in Palm Beach County

The paper trail for a criminal or civil case filed in Palm Beach begins with a complaint or affidavit. It then continues with exhibits, motions, orders, notes, photographs, audio and video files, and other filings. These documents make up the court record that the Clerk of Courts maintains for active and closed cases. 

You may get specific documents or the entire court record by submitting a request at the Clerk’s office in person during business hours. Alternatively, you may send a mail or search for the court records online. Court documents accessed online are generally free but uncertified. 

Meanwhile, for mail requests, you will need to complete the request form. For all these means, you will need to know and provide the name of the parties involved or the case number. You may also submit the year of filing and the name of the presiding judge if known. When court officials find the court records you seek, you must pay for copying the documents. For inquiries, in-person, and mail requests, contact: 

Palm Beach Courthouse

205 North Dixie Highway

Photocopy Room 4.2500

P.O. Box 4526

West Palm Beach, FL 33402

Phone: (561) 355-2932

Fax: (561) 242-7671

Palm Beach Court Records Public Access

  • Visit the eCaseView Portal
  • Choose Guest Access for anonymous search
  • Enter the search criteria (name or case number)
  • Select search at the bottom of the page
  • Choose the search result of interest 
  • View the case information and documents

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