Flagler County Public Records

Documents and records contained within the collection of documents known as Flagler County Public Records are records so important that no less than the law require that they are always available to the public, and of all the records contained within these archives, there is nothing more important and better searched than the records known as court records.

This is because court records contain not only the barest specifics pertaining to a particular case such as the name of the parties or the type of the case, but also the minutes of the hearing, the events that occurred during the pendency of the case, the names of the witnesses, the evidence presented by both parties, and, if the case had already been terminated, more often than not, also the reasons why the case was disposed of the way that it was. This made the records valuable for appellate court justices who are reviewing the case to ensure that the proper procedure had been followed, and for lawyers, law students, and paralegals that are on the hunt for precedent that they could use in the cases that they are handling. More importantly, it is important for the ordinary everyday people who just want to know more about the people around them.

It is for this reason that the law had pronounced in a clear and in an equivocal language that court records are supposed to be part of the public records, and as part of the public records, they are to be open to the public at all times for any reason whatsoever. The official custodian of these documents, in this case, the clerk of court, could not refuse anyone access to the record books.

For those who seek to look into the record books, the process is often time consuming given that there are other people who also wants to look into them. The process starts with personally appearing before the clerk of court at their office and submitting a request to look into the books. Note that the person could look into the books themselves as required by the law, or if they have a specific record that they want to see, they could just leave the specifics of these records with the clerk and return some other day to look into the results of the search conducted by the clerk and his subordinates.

Once the records are found, note that the person who requested for them could not actually take them away from the archives. The same law that commands that the same be available to the public also commands the clerk of court to secure the same. A copy of the record, however, could be made, after request and after paying the requisite one dollar per page fee. After the copy had been made, the same document may be certified for two dollars per document.

For those who have neither the inclination nor the time to actually journey to the office of the clerk of court and wait to be served, there is another option. This option involves the use of online resources in the form of specialized online search databases. These databases are everywhere in the World Wide Web and not only do they not require the searcher to fall in line, they are also more efficient in terms of the information that is available from within their virtual walls and they are almost always free to use. In addition, the searcher needs only a computer, an internet connection, and, if a hard copy is desired, a printer in order to make the search.

Flagler County Court Public Records Access

To look into the virtual records of the Flagler County Clerk of Court, follow the following procedure

  • Visit the Quick Search Page of the Flagler County Clerk of Court
  • Provide for the information requested on the blank pages. Note that not all the blank pages are required to be filled.
  • Once you have inputted the information, click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page.
  • The results should now be displayed.
  • Select the file that you wish to see and click on the same.
  • The specifics of the records should now be displayed.

Flagler County Public Records Free Access

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