Polk County Public Records

The public policy of openness and the requirements of the checks-and-balances of the government system are two of the many things that had advocated for the general availability of public records, but even these two bases have their own basis in practicality. Public records, after all, are required in everyday life, and it would not do well if these records would be kept from the public. It is for the needs of practicality that these records are made available to the public at all times, and it is for this reason that the collection of archives known as the Polk County Public Records exist.

Public records contain the names of the parties that are involved in the case. Typically, it is the name of these parties that serve as the title for the records, plus a few other general types that refer to the type of proceeding that the records refer to. Usually, these records also contain the reasons of the parties in resorting to the proceedings referred to by the records, plus the minutes of the proceedings. If the case had already been disposed of, the reason that it was disposed of the way that it was would always be included amongst the records. The information contained within are important because they not only provide precedent for law practitioners, but also provide general information that may be of use to ordinary citizens and people.

The public policy requirement that these records be available to the public at all times is backed by no less than a statute. Under Florida law, the official custodian of these records, the clerk of courts, has no power to refuse anyone access to the records. Of course, the clerk is also given the command to keep, maintain, and secure these records. It is because of the last requirement of the law that the clerk of court was able to prescribe a set of procedures that must first be followed before the records would be made available.

Typically, the most efficient method to obtain permission from the clerk to access the record would be to make a personal request of the same. The other methods are considered to be relatively slow because the records are to be allowed access into the same moment that the request was made. It is far better to be actually there when the permission is given. Once the records are made available, the searcher may do the search himself or he may delegate the same to the clerk of court who, presumably, would locate the records faster as they are more familiar with the filling system.

Once the records that are being requested for had been located, copies of the same could be made. Said copies typically costs one dollar per page, plus a certification cost of two dollars per document. Note that only the clerk of courts could certify the authenticity of a record because they are the official custodians of the same.
For those who could not find the time to travel to the office of the clerk of courts, there are a number of other methods, most of which rely on internet databases. These internet database proliferate the World Wide Web, making them easy to locate and use. In addition, they are mostly free to use and because they are connected to other databases, they typically provide more information than the ones available at the office of the clerk of courts. The fact that they could be conducted inside the homes of the searchers without the actual need to leave is another bonus.

Polk County Court Public Records Access

The procedure to obtain records from the office of the clerk of courts is provided below

  • Visit the Office of the Clerk of Courts.
  • Make a personal request to view the records.
  • Once permission is given, you may search the records or, alternatively, ask for a clerk to do the search.
  • Once the records had been located, they would be presented to you.
  • Should you desire a copy, inform the clerk and pay the fee which is usually one dollar per page.
  • Once the copies had been made, have them certified by the clerk for two dollars per document.

Polk County Public Records Free Access

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