St. Lucie County Public Records

Numerous events happen around the world and one could not possibly be a witness to all, or even an appreciable fraction of them. Records exist as a means to inform, and this function takes an even more important purpose when these records refer to proceedings that are of great interests to the public. The fact that the proceedings that the records refer to are of great interest to the public and even to private interests is one of the categories for the inclusion of a certain document in the collection known as the St. Lucie County Public Records. Of course, the other contents of the archives are mandated by law to be kept there.

Public records are a written recording of public proceedings. This usually refers to court records, but they are by no means limited to just court records. Public records are also mandated for public and private sale, for arrest and detention, and even for parking tickets. These records contain specific information that are of great use not only for lawyers and other law practitioners who are hunting for precedent, and for the appellate process, but also for private individuals in a myriad of roles, such as for background information and just for the specific information contained within these records.

Their importance to the public requires that they be available at all times, and the law acknowledged this with a specific statute that requires these records to be available to the public at all times. Under Florida law, the official custodian of these documents, the clerk of courts, is not allowed to refuse access to the records, regardless of the circumstances behind the request and no matter who is making the request. Of course, the clerk of court is also mandated to not only keep and maintain these records. They are also mandated to secure them, and it is precisely because of this mandate that the clerk had prescribed a certain procedure that must be followed if one were to have access to the records.

The first step in seeing the record would be to go to the office of the clerk of court and make a personal request there. There are a number of other methods that could be used, but it is generally felt that making a personal request is the more efficient method because the records would be opened right away instead of having to schedule another day for the records to be opened.
Once the records had been opened, the searcher may make the search himself, often with the assistance of a clerk, or the searcher could ask a clerk to do the search. Presumably, the clerk is more familiar with the filing system, and as such, should be able to locate the records faster. Once the records had been located, they would be copied upon request of the searcher and after paying the one dollar per page usual fee. For official purposes, the copies must be certified and this would be done upon request and upon payment of the two dollar per document fee.

For those who require the records as fast as possible, there is another option. Taking advantage of the relatively fast speeds provided by internet connection, they could search for the records online. This is easier because there are a number of online databases that contain the information and these databases are often free to use. In addition, they also typically provide more information because they are often connected to other databases that provide other types of information. This does not consider the fact that these searches could be done inside the house of the searcher.

St. Lucie County Court Records Public Access

The procedure to obtain information from office of the clerk of court is provided below

  • Visit the Office of the Clerk of Court
  • Make the personal request to view the records.
  • Once permission is given, you would be allowed access to the records.
  • Using the records, you may look for the records that you wish to see.
  • Alternatively, you could ask for a clerk to do the search for you.
  • Once the records had been located, request for a copy of the same be made.
  • Pay the required fee which is usually one dollar per page.
  • Have the copies certified for two dollars per document.

St. Lucie County Public Records Free Access

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