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Every day there are a number of official transactions between people. These types of transactions could either be between ordinary people, or they could be between one person and the government. Every transaction involving the government involves a record, and these records are very important because, like every records, they provide information. Some of these records, however, affect substantial rights and the lives of other people, the so-called third parties. These are the records that make up majority of the collection of records known as the Santa Rosa County Public Records.

Public records are important because of the information that they provide. These records contain information that could affect other people, not just the ones that are involved in the transaction in the first place. All of these records, of course, contain the names of the parties involved in the proceeding and the type of proceeding that the records refer to, but after this, the records may vary. For sure, there may be minutes or transcripts with the records, and maybe there would be evidences presented by the parties, but there is never one standard that the record keepers adhere to, mostly because the records are unique in their own way. For this reason, they are of great importance and use to the public and to law practitioners who may be searching for precedents in their cases.
Public records are the only type of records that are required to be open to the public at all times. No less than Florida statute had commanded that the records be available at all times to the public regardless of the time, circumstance, or even the reason behind the request. For this reason, the official custodian of these records, the clerk of courts, could not turn away any person who is requesting access to the records.

The procedure to obtain records from the office of the clerk of courts begins with asking permission to look into the records. While the clerk could not refuse anyone access to the same, there are still certain formalities that must be gone through, mostly for orderly access to the archives and to maintain the same. The most efficient method of asking permission would be the personal request method because the request is typically granted the same day that it is made. Sending a letter would require for the clerk to reply and that may take some time. Regardless of the method used to obtain permission, once the archives are made available, the searcher may make the search himself or ask the clerk to be the one to do the search.

Once the records are located, the same could be copied upon request and payment of the fee which is usually one dollar per page. If the document would be used in an official capacity, they must first be certified, and only the clerk of courts could do this. This procedure would cost another two dollars per document.

For those who require the documents faster but would not need them for an official capacity, it would be better for them to just search for the document online using the World Wide Web. A number of online databases provide substantially the same information as the one that is provided by the clerk of court for free, and because they are done using the internet, these searches are faster. In addition, they could be done within the homes of the searcher, precluding them from even having to leave their own homes.

Santa Rosa County Court Records Public Access

The procedure to obtain court records from the database of the clerk of courts is provided

  • Visit the Search Page of the Clerk of Court database.
  • At the blanks provided, input the requested information. Note that not all blanks are required to be filled.
  • From the results of the search, locate the ones that you wish to see.
  • Click on the title of the chosen record.
  • The next page should now show you the record.

Santa Rosa County Public Records Free Access

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