Hernando County Public Records

Of all the documents that are part of a collection of records that are referred to as the Hernando County Public Records, perhaps the most searched for type of document or record would be the record that is called Court Records. These records contain the specifics of a particular court case and thus, are of great use not only during the appellate process, but also during trial preparation, law studies, and even in everyday life as a source of background information.

These records begin their life with only the names of the parties, the type of case that it refers to, and claims, or Prayer, of the plaintiff or complainant against the defendant. Over its lifetime, however, these records would be amended and appended with more and more papers that it is possible that the records could actually occupy an entire box. At the end of its life, these records would include the events that had happened while the case was in court, the names of the principal counsel of both parties and witnesses, the actual minutes of the trial, and, if the case was already over, the reason that it was disposed of the way that it was.

It is precisely because these records are so important that Florida statute had made them available to the public at all times regardless of the reason that access to them is requested. At the same time, the statute had mandated an official custodian to secure these records, both as security against someone in the future requesting to see them, and for other practical purposes such as when the higher tribunal itself would want to look into the copies. Under the law, the official custodian of these records would be the clerk of court.

Thus, a person who wishes to obtain a copy of a court record would be best advised to first go to the office of the clerk of court. To be able to look into the records, there is actually no set requisites required since they are theoretically available to the public at all times, save, of course, when the office is closed. However, in order to attain efficiency and to prevent unwanted damage to the records, the clerk has to maintain a procedure that, however, is relatively easy to follow. First, the person who wishes to look into the records actually has to show up at the office of the clerk of court. It is also suggested that the specifics of the particular record should just be left with the custodian so that they could do the search, but it is possible for visitors to do the search themselves, although with the assistance of a clerk.

The records that would actually be at the archives are the original copies, as such, they could not be taken out of the archives per the mandate of the clerk, but a copy could be made and the same certified after paying the required fee that is usually one dollar per page. Once copied, the records would be certified for two dollars per document.

For those who have no time to actually wait for the search to be conducted and finished, or even just to go the office, there is another option, which is to use online resources. Specialized databases that contain the same information in the archives of the clerk of court are everywhere in the World Wide Web so they are easy to locate. In addition, they are easy to use and most of them provide the service for free at an almost instantaneous way. In addition, there is actually no need to wait or even to go out of the house in order to use them.

Hernando County Court Records Public Access

To obtain information about court records from the Hernando County Office of the Clerk of Court, follow the following instructions

  • Visit the Clerk of Court Database Search Page
  • Input the information requested. Note that not all blanks are required to be filled.
  • Click ‘Search’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the title of the document you wish to look into from the collection of results.
  • The information should now be available in your screen.

Hernando County Public Records Free Access

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