Glades County Public Records

For all the glamour and pomp that contemporary television shows had presented regarding the legal process, it still could not be denied that it is an often long, arduous, and frustrating process. In the life of just one case, from the day that it was initiated to the day that the judgment could be finally enforced, there could be more than one lawyer for either of the parties, more than one judge, and certainly at least one justice. These people are not there when the case first started for often, these people who would ultimately decide the case are not even aware that the case had been filed. How could they then decide the case based on the so-called merits of the same if they are not there when it was first initiated? This question has led to court records becoming a part of a collection of documents known in Glades County, Florida as Glades County Public Records.

Court records are those records of a case that began when the case was first filed. Over the lifetime of a particular case, the record would be augmented so that the records would contain not only the names of the parties and the type of case that had been filed, but also the names of the counsel, the reliefs prayed for, the minutes of the trial, the evidences presented by both sides, and, if already disposed of, the reason that the case was disposed of the way that it was disposed of.

The official custodian of court records, by express provision of law, could not refuse anyone who requests to see the official records. This is true at any time and at any circumstance. The same law that had declared this to be so had also named the clerk of court as the official custodian of court records, charging the office with keeping, maintaining, and securing the same. It is for this reason that the office of the clerk of court is the first place to look into when one is searching for official court records.

To obtain official court records from the office of the clerk of court of Glades County, one must first make a request to look into the records. This could be done either personally by the person actually appearing before the clerk or by sending a request letter to the office. A personal request would be quicker since the records would be made accessible to the person the same day, but a request letter has the added option of including in the letter the specific case that is wanted so that when the day of the appointment comes, there is no need to actually look into the records.

Either way, once the records are in the hands of the person who requested for them, a copy of the same could be made. Florida statute had decreed that the copying fee for records would be one dollar per page, unless it is an oversized page in which case, the fee would be five dollars per page. Once the records had been copied, the copied files could be certified by the clerk for two dollars per document.

Another option for those who wish to procure court record would be to look online for the same. The World Wide Web plays host to a number of online databases that include court records within their virtual walls. Often, these databases are easier to use and locate in addition to the fact that because they are searches done over the net, there is actually no need to leave the comforts of home in order to conduct a search. In addition, they are free to use and near instant with their results, requiring only a computer, an internet connection, and a printer.

Glades County Court Records Public Access

To obtain certified copies of a court record from the office of the Glades County Clerk of Court, follow the following procedure

  • Visit the Office of the Clerk of Court or send a letter to the same.
  • For those who have visited, you could search the records yourself once it is made available, but it is advised that you just leave the specifics of the case with the clerk so they could do the search.
  • For those who had sent a letter, it is advised that you include the specifics of the record that you wish to look in the letter. Wait for a reply detailing when you could visit the clerk to look at the records.
  • Once the records had been located, you may look at the same.
  • Pay the required copying fee which is usually one dollar per page.
  • Have the copies certified for a fee of two dollars per document.

Glades County Public Records Free Access

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