Duval County Public Records

The trial process is often a long and agonizing process and usually involves people who were not there when the process began. Often, it is not only the judges or juries who are replaced, even lawyers sometimes have to be changed. It is also possible for a new party to enter into a case as another party. Finally, it is possible that the case would be appealed to an appellate court or a higher court and in such a case, it would be left in the hands of a judge who was not there when the process began, indeed, he was not even there when the sides presented their arguments and their evidence. How are these people suppose to take part in deciding a case when they were not there? This is where court records come in, and it is precisely because of their importance in the judicial process that court records had become part of the Duval County Public Records.

Court records contain not only the specifics of a case such as the name of the parties or the type of a case that the records are for. Court records also contain the minutes of a hearing or a trial, the evidences presented by both parties and, more often than not, the reason that the case was decided that way in the lower court.

These records are so important that a statute had been passed making it mandatory for an official custodian, in the person of the clerk of court, to keep and secure them. The same statute commands the clerk of court to actually show the records to anyone who wants to see them regardless of the reason and at all circumstances. This is the reason why the clerk of court, or any person for that matter, could not keep the records away from a person who wishes to look into them.

For those who wish to see a court record, it is possible to obtain the same from the office of the clerk of court, but because of distance and, often, the lines and the wait, it is suggested that the more efficient method would be to use the online database operated and maintained by the Duval County Clerk of Court. To use this database, the searcher must have an account with the portal. The creation of an account is free and once the account has been created, the account holder could use the portal to search the entire archives of the clerk of court and the same would not be limited to just court records.

Once an account has been created, simply head over to the court records search page. At this page, the searcher must input the specifics about the record that the searcher wants to look at. The results page would contain all the matching results, and it is from these results that the searcher should look for the record that was asked for.

A more efficient search could be affected, however, by using online resources. These online resources come in the form of specialized online search databases that are practically everywhere in the World Wide Web. These databases are often more efficient because they do not charge the user from using their database and they often provide more information than the one requested, information that the searcher could often use as well. In addition, they do not require the user to obtain an account from them or to even leave the comforts of their own homes in order to conduct the search. As they are searches done over the wire, as it were, the results are near instant and there is no need to fall in line.

Duval County Court Public Records Access

To use the online database operated by the Duval County Clerk of Court, follow the following procedure

  • Visit the Welcome Page of the database.
  • Create a new account
  • Check your email for the assigned password.
  • Log-in and begin using the database.
  • At the search page, fill in the information requested on the blank pages.
  • Click ‘Search’.
  • At the results page, locate the record you wish to see then click on the title.
  • The specifics of the case should now be displayed.

Duval County Public Records Free Access

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