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Court proceedings are typically long and arduous, with trials and hearings taking months, sometimes years. During the life of a trial or a case, it is possible that one of the parties would have to retain another lawyer different from the one that the party had when the case had first started. Sometimes, it is possible that the judge assigned to the case would become unavailable. Oftentimes, cases are appealed to a higher trial court or to an appellate court. In all of these instances, there are people that are now being asked to take part in a judicial proceeding the genesis of which they had no idea about. How would they be able to perform their duties properly, the new lawyer, the new judge, and the appellate court, if they were not there are the beginning? This is where Bradford County Public Records come in.

Court records are part of public records because they are considered to be a matter of public information. As such, these records are to be available at all times and in all circumstances to all persons regardless of their circumstances. This means that the official custodian of the files, or anyone for that matter, has no right to deny anyone the records. Florida statute had made it mandatory for these records to be kept and maintained at the same time that it charged the clerk of court as the official custodian of the same documents.

As the official custodian of the records, the clerk of court has the original records. The clerk is also the only person who could certify the authenticity of a copy of a court record. As a consequence of this, the first office that a person who wishes to secure a copy of a court record would go to would be the office of the clerk of court.
To request for a copy of court records from the clerk of the court, the searcher has to personally request for a copy. Although this would require the searcher to actually go to the office of the clerk of court, it could be said that this method is the more efficient method if one requires the copies to be certified. For this method, the searcher would have to personally go to the office of the clerk of court and to request a copy of the record from there. Typically, a copy costs a dollar per page while certification is at two dollars. It is more efficient because everything that must be done is under one house.

The state of Florida operates and maintains an online database where copies of official records may be found in. To use this database, one has to visit the website and to input the information requested before clicking the search. The search should return some records on file, and the searcher has to locate from within these returns the records that were requested. Once the record requested was found, the searcher checks it and then clicks continue to the order page where the fees are summarized. One ordered, the documents should arrive within three to five days.

A third option to obtain records does exist, and this option is to use online resources. These resources are available from the World Wide Web and are typically free to use. Also, these online resources are typically easier to use and provide more information than those requested by the searcher. In addition, the nature of internet search ensure that these online resources would return results instantaneously, or at least, as instantaneous as possible. These databases also do not require the searcher to actually leave the confines of their room in order to conduct the search.

Bradford County Court Records Public Access

The procedure to obtain court records in Bradford County is as follows

  • Visit the Florida Official Records Database
  • Click Search Now
  • Input the information requested on the blank pages, then click search
  • Once the returns were made, locate the file you want and click the box beside it, then click continue.
  • This should take you to the Review Order page. Review your order as well as your fees, then click continue.
  • This should take you to the Payment Page. Enter the information requested, then click continue.
  • Confirm your order.
  • Order should arrive within three to five days.

Bradford County Public Records Free Access

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