Miami-Dade County Public Records

Miami-Dade is a highly urbanized and the most populous county in Florida. Public records in this county are documents and information in the custody of a government agency. These documents may be on the activities of the agency or residents of Miami-Dade. Requests for public records in Miami-Dade go to the designated record custodian, who retrieves documents from the agency’s archives and makes them available for reproduction. And while it is your statutory right to get these documents, Florida public records law requires you to bear the reasonable cost of reproducing and certifying the documents obtained. The law also authorizes custodians to include administrative and processing fees in the bill.

Getting a court record in Miami-Dade

The clerk of courts receives filings for civil and criminal lawsuits in Miami-Dade. He/she also maintains these court records in a physical repository or online database. These include trial and appellate records on small claims, divorce, civil and criminal cases. To get case files, you may visit the clerk’s office during business hours, mail a written request, or search for court records on the clerk’s website

The choice of access depends on which is most convenient and helps you achieve your goal. If you wish to obtain certified copies of a court record, then you may visit the clerk’s office in person or send a mail. However, both of these methods are relatively expensive. The online search is mostly free, and the user only pays a premium if he/she wants access to advanced search functions. Miami-Dade Clerk’s Office is located at:

Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts 

ATTN: Records Management 

73 West Flagler Street

P.O. Box 14695 

Miami, Florida 33130

Phone: (305) 275-1155

Email: cocpubre[email protected] A mail/email request involves completing a request form describing the documents sought, i.e., name of the parties, year of filing, and case number if known. Also, mention the type of copies you want, i.e., regular photocopies or certified copies. The requester must also attach a cashier’s check or money order for the applicable fees. Enclose these in a self-addressed stamped envelope and mail it out.

Miami-Dade County Court Records Public Access

  • Visit the clerk’s website
  • Select the type of court record, e.g., criminal justice
  • Follow the prompts
  • Enter the case number or party’s name
  • Select search 
  • Choose the case of interest from the search results
  • View case information

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