Putnam County Public Records

Records are often the best means of ascertaining not only whether or not something had happened, but also to ascertain the truth regarding that event. For official business, records are sometimes the only accepted way of submitting facts and evidence. This is one of the reasons why the collection of records known as the Putnam County Public Records is so important. Public records, after all refer to proceedings that the public ought to know because they may affect the lives of other people, not only in an inchoate sense, but also in a real sense. Public records are important because they inform people and they provide them with the means of ascertaining certain truths.

The contents of public records are by no means standard, but just the same, there are some parts of public records that are indispensable and because of this, these parts would always be on the records. The most indispensible part of the record would, of course, be the names of the parties. Often both parties are known, but there are times when there would only be one party at the label of the record. This would not matter because the real worth of records are their contents, and these contents include minutes of the proceedings and the reference to evidences presented by the parties during the proceedings. It is for the completeness of this information presented that records are most useful for.

Under the command of Florida law, public records must be available to the public at all times. It is for this reason that the official custodian of these records, the clerk of courts, could not validly refuse anyone who would make a request to look into the records. Of course, the clerk is also charged with protecting and preserving the records for posterity, so there are certain procedures that one must first follow in order to gain access to the archives where the records are being kept.

There are a number of methods that one could use in order to gain access to the records, but the most efficient one would be to head over to the office of the clerk of courts and to make the request there. The personal request method would mean that the person who is making the request is already there so there would be no need for the clerk to send a reply letter. Once the archives are opened, the searcher could either search himself or to just leave the specifics of his search to a clerk who would, presumably, be faster in locating the records requested for.

Once the records are made available to the searcher, he could request for a copy of the same. The fee for having a copy made is usually a dollar per page, while the certification of the same, which is required if the documents are going to be used for an official purpose, is two dollars per document.

There is another method for acquiring records, albeit the same would not be certified. There are a number of online databases that provide substantially the same information as the records that could be found within the archives of the clerk of courts, with the difference that because these databases are connected to other databases, they typically could provide more information. In addition, they are also mostly free to use, and because they are internet searches, the searcher need not leave his home or room in order to conduct the search.

Putnam County Court Public Records Access

The procedure to obtain permission and records from the office of the clerk of courts is provided below

  • Head over to the Office of the Clerk of Courts
  • Ask for permission to search the records by appearing before the clerk on duty.
  • Once permission is given, you have the option of doing the search yourself or asking the clerk to do it for you.
  • Once the records had been located, request for a copy.
  • Pay the required fee which is one dollar per page for ordinary sized papers and five dollars per page for oversized papers.
  • Once the copies had been made, have them certified. The fee is two dollars per document.

Putnam County Public Records Free Access

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