Walton County Public Records

The importance of records is unquestioned. Often, these documents are the only accepted evidence that a certain event had happened, and for official proceedings, these are the only accepted evidence of an event. This is the reason why any official proceeding should be recorded, and those records, or at the very least, a copy of them, should be kept by the government in case they would be needed in the future. The place where these records are stored is often called the Walton County Public Records archive, and is under the control of an official custodian who is responsible for the records contained within.

To understand why such pieces of papers are so important in both public and private life, one must look at the contents of these records. The title of these records alone, derived from the names of the parties, is informative. They tend to inform the person who is looking at the records of the fact that the person so named had taken part in a proceeding, either as the one who started to, or a party thereto. The contents of the records are all the more informative as they tend to record the testimonies of witnesses and the parties. More often than not, these testimonies reveal a lot that could be of great importance to the person reading the records.

As was mentioned before, these records are available to the public at all times. The requirements of practicability and openness are acknowledged by authorities and codified in a law that practically ordered the clerk of court to make sure that these records are available to the public at all times and regardless of the circumstances that require the search for the records, unless the reasons are, of course, illegal or destructive. Of course, they must first be requested for.

This is the reason why the clerk of court had formulated a very simple procedure before one could access the records. Although the clerk is not allowed to refuse permission to anyone, a searcher is still required to ask permission. The most efficient method to effect this would be to head over to the office of the clerk and ask for permission there.

Once permission is given, the searcher is now free to search the records himself and, often with the assistance of a clerk, or the searcher could actually request that the clerk be the one to actually locate the record and just to wait for the search to be finished. The second is generally viewed as being more efficient because the clerk is presumably faster in searching for the record. Once the record had been located, the searcher could request for a copy of the same, and a copy would be made upon payment of the required fee which is usually one dollar per page, plus a two dollar certification fee per document.

Another method of searching for official records would be to use the internet. There are a number of online databases that are free to use, easier to understand, and offer the same records that could be found with the office of the clerk of courts. In addition, because they are internet searches, they are both faster with their results, they are often connected with other databases that provide other information, and they could be used even without the searcher leaving his home.

Walton County Court Public Records Access

The database of the clerk of courts is accessed through the following procedure

  • Visit the Search Page of the database of the clerk of court
  • Input the information requested. Note that not all blanks are required to be filled.
  • At the Records Page, locate the file that you wish to see.
  • Click on the box before the title, and then click ‘View Selection’ at the bottom of the page.

Walton County Public Records Free Access

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