Brevard County Public Records

Court records are some of the most searched official documents in the United States. This is because they serve not only as a means for the public to be aware of what happened during a trial, especially in high profile cases where even though, theoretically, everyone can watch, but actually cannot because of the limitations of the venue, but also as a means for higher judicial authorities to check that the requisite due process requirements of both statutes and the constitution had been met. In addition, because they show the procedure and the legal arguments, court records are also a way for students of the law to learn. The fact that they are some of the most searched documents made them part of the Brevard County Public Court Records.

Court records are typically kept by the office of the clerk of court. This is because the clerk of court is the official recorder and custodian of all records placed in the Brevard County Official Records. In pursuit of this mandate, the office of the clerk of court is responsible for maintaining with utmost care and security all court records, be they misdemeanor, traffic, civil, criminal, or any other types of court proceedings.

In the State of Florida, court records are considered to be public documents and as such, are available for viewing to the public. The official custodian of these documents, indeed, anyone, not even the judges and magistrates, could not validly deny any person the right to look into these documents. There are two methods that a searcher could use to search for court records in the office of the clerk of court.

The first would be to conduct a personal search. This method would involve the person who desires a copy of the record to actually appear before the clerk of court or his assistants, and inform them of his or her intention. Typically, the clerk or his assistants would assist the searcher in the search. Note that the volume of records kept and maintained by the clerk would make such a search time consuming and, indeed, may even take more than a day to complete. After the records had been located, the searcher is now free to look into it, but if the searcher desires a copy of the records, the clerk must be informed, and after the payment of the requisite copying fee, which is typically one dollar per page, a copy would be made. The clerk would then certify the authenticity of the court record if desired by the searcher at two dollars.

The second step would be to conduct the search online. The clerk of court of Brevard County operates and maintains an online search database that is free to use for anyone interested. To use this database, one simply has to visit the welcome page of the database and to input the information requested. Note that the use of the database is free, but the records found within the database are not certified. In order to certify the records, the searcher must still visit the clerk of court because the clerk is the only one who could certify the same.

A third option would be to use other online resources. These online resources come in the form of specialized search database that are typically available over the World Wide Web. These databases are more efficient because they typically provide far more information than the one that was initially requested by the searcher. In addition, most of these databases are free to use and would return results near instantaneously. As it is an internet search, the searcher does not have to leave the comforts of his or her home in order to conduct it.

Brevard County Court Records Public Access

The procedure to obtain court records from the official search database of the clerk of court of Brevard County is provided below.

  • Visit the Official Search Database of the Clerk of Court.
  • Chose your search method.
  • Input the information requested in the blank pages, then click search.
  • This should take you to the results page. In this page, locate the citation of the case you want, and select that case.
  • Peruse the information provided.

Brevard County Public Records Free Access

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