Calhoun County Public Records

It could not be denied that most people operate under the assumption that once a jury or a judge imposes a sentence that is the end of the judicial process. The truth is that the judicial process is an often long and arduous process that takes months, if not years. The appellate courts review the decisions at trial courts should the same be appealed to their bench, and frequently, the appellate courts themselves are reviewed by a higher appellate court all the way to the United States Supreme Court. With such a long procedure and given the venues of these courts, it is not hard to imagine that frequently, the one who decides the case with finality are not there when the case had first started, and because the appeals process typically does not hold actual evidentiary trial, how would the magistrates know how to decide? This is where court records come in, and because of their importance, in Calhoun County, Florida, these records had become part of the Calhoun County Public Records.

Court Records are considered public records as well. This is because they contain information that is considered to be of interest to the public, and because they are public records, they are generally available to the public. Currently, there is no law in the state of Florida that validly excludes a record from the designation. Given this, the official custodian of the record could not validly deny anyone the right to look into the records.

Under Florida law, the clerk of court is the official custodian of all court records, be they records of a civil, criminal, or any other type of case. In pursuit of this mandate, the office of the clerk of court operates and maintains a depository where all original records are kept. These records may be viewed by the public upon request, and it must again be noted, that the clerk or any of his subordinates could not deny anyone that right.

The procedure to gain access to the official records of the Calhoun County clerk of court is relatively simple. The person who desires to see the record must first send a written request to the office of the clerk of court. Included in this request should be a check or a money order for two dollars payable to the office of the clerk of court. The request must also include an envelope that is addressed to the person who desires to see the record. The envelope that is addressed to the person who desires to see the record should be returned within one to two business days and would include a receipt for the payment and a schedule to view the records. Note that the receipt is required in order to gain access to the records.

Another option available to the person who wishes to see a court record would be to search for the same using online resources. These online resources are in the form of online search databases in the World Wide Web. These online resources are also more efficient than going to the office itself because most of these sites are not only free to use and near instantaneous, depending on connection speed, they do not require the searcher to actually leave their homes in order to conduct the search. Further, most of these online databases provide more information than the ones that are generally available with the official records.

Calhoun County Court Public Records Access

The procedure to view the public records of the Calhoun County Clerk is provided below

  • Send a letter of request to the Calhoun County Clerk.
  • Include in this letter a money order or check for two dollars payable to the clerk of court and an envelope with your address.
    Wait one to two business days for the receipt and a schedule.
  • Head over to the office of the clerk of court and present your schedule and receipt as well as an identification card.
  • Look into the records and locate the specific record that you wish to see.
  • If you want a copy, inform the clerk and pay the required copying fee which is typically one dollar per page.

Calhoun County Public Records Free Access

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