Okeechobee County Public Records

Although the most oft cited reason why public records exists is because their existence is mandated by law in pursuit of public policy, perhaps, the most important reason that the collection of records known as the Okeechobee County Public Records exist is because these records are of great use and provide much assistance in the everyday lives of not only those who are in the practice of law, but also for everyday people. After all, these records contain a lot of information that may be of great assistance to ordinary citizens.

These records contain information regarding proceedings that people go through every day. Everything from marriage to a simple sale of property typically requires documents. These documents are then stored in an archive so that other people may see them, and, in the future, they may form part of records that a person in the future may request to see. For this reason, these documents contain not only the names of the parties involved in the proceedings in question, but also the type of the document that it refers to as well as, often, the reasons that the parties had resorted to the proceedings. It is not uncommon to find a document pertaining to a sale of property in the archives where the reasons for the original owners to sell the property are annexed.

These documents are always available to the public. Again, the most oft cited reason for this availability is public policy and because the law requires it. Indeed, there is a law in the state of Florida that require the official custodian of these documents, the clerk of courts, to make the records available at all times, but perhaps the most important reason is the same as the reason that they exist in the first place, because they are of great use.

A person who wishes to obtain a copy of the records, and note that only a copy could be given, would be best advised to proceed to the office of the clerk of court and make his request there. There is other custodian of documents, but it is the clerk of courts who is the official custodian, and as such, the clerk has custody of the original records, and their archives are more complete. Once permission is given, the command of the law allows the searcher to do the actual search, but it is possible for the searcher to leave the same in the hands of the clerk. Either way, assistance from the clerk is available at no charge.

The record would be made available to the searcher once they had been located. Again, note that the original copies could not be taken out of the archives, instead, a copy would have to be made. This has to be requested and paid for, but the fee is usually minimal, and stands at one dollar per page. Once the copy had been made, the same could be certified, upon request, by the searcher for an additional two dollars per document.

Another option of obtaining records would be to use online resources in the form of online databases. Easy to locate and use, these databases often provide their information free of charge, are near instant with their results, and because they are usually connected to other databases, there is the possibility that other information would be available for the searcher. In addition, the use of these online resources do not require the person to leave the comforts of their own homes.

Okeechobee County Court Records Public Access

To obtain information using the online database of the clerk of court, the following procedure is given

  • Visit the Search Page of the clerk of court
  • Input the information requested for at the blanks provided. Note that not all blanks are required to be filled.
  • At the results page, locate the file that you wish to view.
  • Check the box before the title of the record that you wish to see, then click ‘view selection’ at the bottom of the page.
  • The specifics of the case should now be available for your use.

Okeechobee County Public Records Free Access

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