Franklin County Public Records

Franklin County Public Records are those collections of documents that the law classifies as so important to the public that they could not be withheld from the public at any time and no matter the circumstances. Within these archives are collections are records and documents that the public would find of importance in their everyday life, and of all the types of documents contained within these archives, perhaps nothing is more important and more searched than a type of document known as court records.

Court records are documents that are, as the name implies, made by the court. They are born as a result of a case, and as such, they open whenever a case is filed and every case has its own record, no matter how connected it is to another case record. They contain not only the names of the parties and the type of the case that the record is for, but also the minutes of the hearing, the events that occurred during the pendency of the case, the counsel of record, the names of witnesses, the evidence presented by both parties, and, if available and if the case is already finished, the reason why the case was disposed of the way that it was disposed.

These documents are so important that they are never to be denied to the public at any time and for any reason whatsoever. No less than Florida statute had confirmed as much, just as the same statute had charged the clerk of court with the duty of keeping, maintaining, and securing the court records as the official custodian of the same.
As the official custodian of the court records, the clerk of court is the only person who could provide certified copies of court records in addition to the fact that the originals are kept within their office. It is not surprising that the clerk of court is the first place that a person who desires to secure a copy of court records would look into. To obtain a copy of a court record, the person who desires the same must first go to the office of the clerk of court of Franklin County located at Apalachicola, Florida. Once there, submit a request to look into the records. Note that the searcher could actually look into the records, the law expressly provides for the same and prohibits the clerk or anyone from restricting access to the records, but it is suggested that if a specific record is being requested, that the person simply leave the specifics of the case with a clerk who would do the search. Note that this may take a few days so the clerk may provide for another appointment.

Once the records had been located, have a copy of the records made after making the request and paying the requisite one dollar per page copying fee. This is because the originals could not be taken from the archives. Once the copying is complete, the same could be certified for a fee of two dollars per document.

The other option available to those who wish to secure a copy of a court record would be to take the search online. The World Wide Web plays host to a number of specialized online databases that provide more information than those that were requested, so it could be argued that they are actually more efficient. In addition, because of the nature of internet search, these searches are done within the comforts of the searchers own home, indeed, their own rooms. Most databases are also free to use and are instant with their results.

Franklin County Court Public Records Access

To order court records using the online database of Florida state, follow the following instructions

  • Go to the Search Records page.
  • Input the information requested. Note that not all blanks are required to be filled.
  • Once that is done, click ‘search’ at the bottom of the page.
  • A number of results should now be in display, select the one that you wish to review.
  • Click on the box before the title of the case that you had selected, then click ‘continue’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Review your order, once you are satisfied, click ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your billing information, then click ‘Continue’.
  • Place the order.
  • Your order should arrive within three to ten business days.

Franklin County Public Records Free Access

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