Holmes County Public Records

The reason why documents known as court records are part of a larger collection of documents known as the Holmes County Public Records is simple enough. these court records are of great use not only to those who made them in the first place, but also to a lot of other people. At first glance, the ones who have much use for these records would be those involved in the legal process such as lawyers, trial courts, and the appellate courts, but when one looks deeper into the information provided by these records, one would realize that they are of great use in everyday life as well.

This is because court records contain more than just the name of the parties involved in the suit, the type of suit it is, and the claims that the plaintiff or the complainant has against the defendant. Court records also contain information regarding the events that had occurred while the case was pending, the minutes of the trial, the names and statements of both the principal counsels and witnesses presented by both parties, the evidence presented by the sides to the suit and, if disposed of already, the written reason why the case was disposed of the way that it was.

The importance of these records are recognized no less than by a Florida statute which declared that court records should always be available to the public upon request regardless of the circumstances behind such request. At the same time, the same statute conferred the title of official custodian upon the Clerk of Courts and charged said office with not only keeping and maintaining these records but also with securing them. As such, the first place that a person who wishes to view court records should visit would be the office of the clerk.

In Holmes County, Florida, the office of the Clerk of Court is located in Bonifay. The person who wishes to look into the records should first make their way to the office of the clerk and personally request to look into the records. Note that there is no need for the searcher to actually pass a formal request, just an informal one would do, and more often than not, the records would be made available that very same day that it is requested for. Note that while the person could actually look into the records, it is advised that if a particular record is being asked for, the specifics of the same should be given to the clerk so that they could do the search. Often, this is faster since the sheer volume of the records would have dissuaded some people. In any case, the clerk has their own recording system that would allow them to locate the records faster.

Note that once the records are located, the person who requested for them could not actually take them from the archives. A copy of the record could, however, be requested for, but the same would have to be paid for at the rate of one dollar per page, unless the page is an oversized document which would cost as much as five dollars per page. Once the copies had been made, the same could then be certified by the clerk for two dollars per document.

For those who have neither the time nor the patience to go to the office of the clerk and actually fall in line, there is another option. This option involves the use of online resources in the form of specialized search databases online. Currently, the World Wide Web plays hosts to an undetermined number of such databases that are easy to use and locate. Further, since they are searches done online, they are faster and would not actually require the searcher to leave the comforts of their own homes. In addition, most of these websites are actually free to use and would provide more information than the records at the office of the clerk of court because they are usually connected to other online databases.

Holmes County Court Records Public Access

The procedure to obtain certified court records from the Office of the Clerk of Court is as follows

  • Visit the Office of the Clerk of Court
  • Put in a request to see the records. Note that the clerk could not deny this request.
  • If you have a particular record in mind, leave the specifics of the same with the clerk.
  • If you had left the specifics with the clerk, note that you may be asked to return at another date so that the clerk could search the records.
  • Once the records had been located, either by yourself or by the clerk, look into the records.
  • Pay the required copying fee which is usually one dollar per page or up to five dollars for oversized pages.
  • Once the copies had been completed, have the same certified by the clerk for two dollars per document.

Holmes County Public Records Free Access

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